Brewstock | Upstarts

11th April 2023 | 00:00-23:59

Brewstock 2023 waves goodbye to the Legends and welcomes a new line.

Characterising them as part of craft beer’s “Third Wave”, these Upstarts very much stand on the shoulders of the traditions laid down by the legendary Sierra Nevada and Stone as well as now established mainstays of the Second Wave such as The Kernel and Beavertown.

Like all new cultures they’ve had to fight to be heard. Over the last decade, brewing has become an increasingly crowded market place and the journey from homebrewing to commercial is often decided on fine margins. 

It’s a career path that requires a genuine passion and mettle. Speak with any new brewer and you’ll start to hear the same stories. Sleepless nights from the fear of brewing a dud. Scraping together your last few quid to upgrade from the kitchen counter to a two barrel garage set up. Dodgy wholesalers and unfulfilled promises. 

This generation of brewers has had to balance the creativity and craft of brewing with the ingenuity and savvy of any successful start up. It’s not enough just to make great beer, you’ve got to be a one man band who can brew, sell and market your own stuff. 

This month we’re showcasing some of these upstarts with weekend tap take over from Sqquawk and Shindigger as well as expecting to see beers from such exciting names as DEYA, Pamona Island, Cloudwater and anyone else that we think has made in impact in the last decade of brewing

Keep you eyes and ears peeled over the coming weeks as we start our new Beer Diaries podcast series and get the inside story of what it means to be a young upstart trying to carve out a niche in brewing world.